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God is on the move at 99Ways!!  Congratulations to Clarion Hiz Kidz on becoming an independent outreach.  This amazing ministry started in September of 2012 with 84 kids the very first night.  6 years later they are going strong and operating independently from 99Ways.  It's a tremendous blessing to 99Ways and Clarion, freeing up resources for us to continue to expand and start Hiz Kidz in more communities.  Praise God!!

Each week nearly 200 kids are served in the communities of Truro (I-35 Elementary), Dallas Center, Leon, Osceola and Clarion.  God continues to open doors in other communities and soon we will be reaching hundreds more.  Please pray for our connections in:  Earlham, Stuart, Creston, Elsworth, Martensdale/St. Mary, Webster City and Iowa Falls.  What an exciting time at 99Ways!!

NOW is the time to get involved and help us grow to make an impact for God's Kingdom!!

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What's happening:
I35 Hiz Kidz in Truro:  Wednesdays after school
                                 I35 Elementary School
                                        3:30 - 5:30

Dallas Center Hiz Kidz:  Mondays after school
                                Dallas Center Elementary
                                        3:20 - 5:00

Osceola Hiz Kidz:  Mondays after school
                       Clarke Elementary School
                                3:00 - 5:00

Central Decauter Chozen:  Mondays after School
                                 Central Decauter Middle School
                                             3:30 - 5:00
                                    (Jr. High Programming) 

Creston Community Alpha:  Wednesdays
                                        South Prairie YMCA  
                                              6:00 - 7:30

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